Designer 3 Ply Surgical Face Mask with Nosepin MILITARY

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  • Brand CAWACH
  • Differential Pressure 25 Pa/cm2 (SITRA Tested)
  • Microbial Cleanliness Pass
  • Nose Wire Yes
  • Number of Layers 3
  • Splash Resistance Pressure Pass at 160mm Hg (SITRA Verified)
  • Weight per mask 4.5 grams
  • GSM 60 + 25 +25 = 110 GSM
  • Shipping Days 2 Days


CAWACH DESIGNER 3 Ply Surgical Face Masks are made from extra soft PP spunbown non-woven material. 3 layers have individual properties to efficiently filter viruses, bacteria and micro-organisms and provide excellent breathability. The 3 layers consist of – 60 GSM outer PP Spunbond non-woven layer (printed), 25 GSM PP Spunbond non-woven layer (white), and an inner soft absorbent 25 GSM Spunbond non-woven layer (white).

The middle meltblown layer is NOT made with paper. If you light it with a flame, it will not burn like paper. Instead, it melts without flame thus confirming it is a valid filter medium. The 3 ply mask reduces exposure to blood and other fluids. The surgical mask also limits the spread of germs when a person sneezes or coughs as it releases droplets of particles in the air that might infect people in the vicinity.

Ear loops are ultrasonic welded on the face mask and are latex free. The built-in nose wire perfectly fits and takes the nose profile, thus sealing the mask appropriately on the face, yet again providing extra barrier for viruses.

The masks are designed and manufactured by graduates from IIT Delhi, so quality conformance is our top priority.


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